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Violet is a Solid Blue British shorthair and was born in 2017. She has produced beautiful Solid Blue, Black Smokes, Black Silver Classic Tabbies and Blue Silver Classic Tabbies.



Rosie was born in 2022 and is a Black Silver Classic Tabby. She will have her first babies when she’s old enough and we’re hoping to breed some more beautiful Tabbies with her.



Obanya Silva Ralphie is a Black Silver Classic Tabby who has produced 4 litters with Violet. Violet and Ralphie have produced Blue, Black Smoke, Black Silver Classic Tabby and Blue Silver Classic Tabbies. Ralphie is a beautiful affectionate big boy who loves a pat, he’s a true gentleman who produces gorgeous babies!



Obanya Silva Francois is a Solid Blue who has produced solid blue kittens with Violet. Francois is a big boy and is quite regal, he also carries the Long Hair gene and has produced a British Long Hair who lives with our sister breeder Lilyblue!